A New Camera for Christmas

It’s that weird time of year, the few days between Christmas and New Year. But this year I have something to focus on, apart from consuming Quality Street and watching TV! My parents brought me a camera for Christmas. A Fujifilm X30.

I’ve taken an interest in photography over the past couple of years, since I started working at a botanical Garden. I’m lucky enough to run their social media accounts, which for a Garden means taking lots of photos of the plants. There’s always something new to see and take a photo of. As hard as you can try to create a clever marketing post, a good photo of a stunning plant never fails to be a success.

I started taking photos using my phone, an iPhone 4. Then I began to use a Nikon, which belongs to my boss, which has many features I don’t know how to use. But I was keen to learn more about the techniques and how to achieve more creative effects, moving on from my current ‘hope for the best’ approach. So I’m excited to start experimenting with my own camera and seeing what I can create.

So through this blog I hope to share my photos, including weekly challenges from my Dad.  I’d appreciate any constructive criticism to help me along my journey, but please be nice – I’m new.