My commute with a camera …

When the weather’s in my favour, I have a wonderful commute. A 45 minute walk along the river! So this evening I decided to make some stops along the way and try my hand at night-time photography. I wasn’t sure of the best settings so just used the Advanced SR Auto mode.

I also knew this would be a good time to take the photo for the first of my Dad’s weekly challenges, ‘2 minutes from home’.

Albert Bridge

I love this view, from Battersea Bridge looking at Albert Bridge (you can just about make out the Shard to the left). The two bright ‘stars’ are just planes starting their descent into Heathrow – I rarely see stars on my way home unfortunately. I’m not sure I’ve quite got the settings or post-production right with this image, the bridge is so bright it is hard to keep it focused and the overall image is a little blurry. Although I was bracing myself against the wind in the middle the bridge!


Another of my favourite views on my walk, the contrast between St Mary’s Church and the stark modern flats behind always catches my attention. There has been a church on the site since 800AD, and this particular building was completed in 1777. Photography wise, I think that this is a better shot than the bridge. The church is in focus although I think that the building to the right overpowers this slightly.

power station

This is Lot’s Road Power Station which used to power the London Underground is now being converted into flats and shops in a £1bn regeneration. Even in the 18 months I’ve had this daily journey, the riverside has changed drastically. There are always new flats going up, and an endless vista of cranes. Not that I can complain as I live in a 2 year old building in a regeneration of an area in Wandsworth. But it does seem a shame that this oddly beautiful industrial building will soon be swamped in glass and surrounded by new towers. Not a great image though … I’ll have to try again once I pick up more tips!


Finally this will be the photo I send my Dad! Although it’s probably 7 minutes from home (shh). I’ll wait to see what he thinks …

If anyone has any tips on how I could have improved any of these photographs, or on night-time photography in general, please do leave a comment!


Author: lilymphotography

I'm new to the photography world, and would appreciate any constructive criticism on any of my work.

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