The title for my challenge this week was simply ‘winter’. I considered using one of my frosty early morning shots, but thought I’d challenge myself and experiment more with Photoshop Elements.

Today at work we were running a flower photography workshop led by Sue Bishop. I was able to listen to the initial presentation and picked up some ideas on how I can use Elements to enhance my photos, beyond just playing with the lighting! This led me back to one of the photos I took in the Cotswolds last weekend, that I thought had potential but I hadn’t quite captured this on the day. We were walking down to the village of Broadway and walked through a field of trees. With the winter sun and fairly barren land it was quite eerie.

I wanted to enhance this atmosphere and thought it would be the perfect time to try the Gaussin blur filter which Sue had mentioned in the course. I created two duplicate layers of my image, adding the blur to one layer and changing the opacity of the top layer to reveal just a hint of the very blurred image below. I quite like the effect it’s created, as you can see in the before and after shots below!

3 trees
Original image
Three trees_edited-1
Edited image

I also edited out the other tree stumps in the image as felt these distracted the eye, although not sure if this makes the 3 trees in the foreground look too “stuck on”.

Again I’d welcome any thoughts, comments and constructive criticism!




Author: lilymphotography

I'm new to the photography world, and would appreciate any constructive criticism on any of my work.

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