Red sky at night

You’re probably sick of seeing photos of Albert Bridge now, but I couldn’t resist tonight with this stunning sunset….

Albert bridge 2

Albert bridge 1

I experimented with the light levels and contrast in the images above to try and make the contrast of the pink and the light of the bridge as pronounced as possible. Without it just looking ridiculously photoshopped.

I was hoping I could catch up to the pink sky when I got closer to Lot’s Road Power Station, however it had faded a bit so in the image below I experimented a bit more with the contrast.

power station

power station_edited-2As with most of London, it was a shame about the cranes. So I used the Clone Stamp tool to edit these out. It was quite difficult with the layers of clouds, so to try and make these edits less obvious I used some of the blur and artistic filters in duplicate layers underneath the top image.

I need to find a new route to walk home so I stop taking photos of the same views! I’m planning a trip to Kew’s Orchid Festival this weekend if the weather is kind, so look out for another post soon.



Author: lilymphotography

I'm new to the photography world, and would appreciate any constructive criticism on any of my work.

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