An inspiring day

Last week I was lucky enough to join a photography workshop at the Garden I work in. It was run by Philip Smith who founded the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, so I hoped to pick up some tips on how I can improve my own photography.

The course was great, partly because it taught me to take my time when setting up a shot and also because it really clarified some of the more technical aspects of photography that I am still getting my head around. Inspired, I headed out into the Garden.

Here are some of the results, as usual comments and thoughts are very welcome.

A stunning poppy display. I wanted the two purple flowers in the foreground to be the focus.

canary 2

Cistus osbeckiifolius

glasshouse yellow

glasshouse 3

glasshouse 2
Asteriscus sericeus



A Few Days in Budapest

Last week my boyfriend and I headed to Budapest for a long weekend. We’d been to Prague in April 2015 and so were keen to explore another Eastern European city. We found a great deal with British Airways for flights and a 4* hotel, so before I knew it we were heading to Heathrow. Of course this time I had my camera, so alongside the usual holiday snaps I also experimented with my photography in a new context – hopefully without being too annoying to my travel companion!

As we were so lucky with the weather, it was above 24° c for the 3 days we were there, we spent a lot of the time exploring on foot. A walking tour was a brilliant introduction to the city, and I was fascinated to hear about the city from a local. Budapest’s turbulent history is evident through it’s architecture, particularly striking when two completely different styles are juxtaposed as below.

black and white

It’s also noticeable in the background of this photograph on the other side of the Danube.


Here are some of the other shots I took while wandering around the city in the day.

Matthias Church, Buda
Changing of the Guard outside of Parliament
river view to Buda
View across to Buda from Pest

Budapest has a number of ruin bars, think London’s Shoreditch and you’ll get the idea, so we tried to find a few. Some that we’d marked on our map  didn’t seem to exist anymore, unless they were too hidden for us to find. But following several recommendations we did visit Szimpla Kert  which was a maze of rooms filled with all kind of lovingly dumped junk! I used this opportunity to take some photos using the filters in my camera, here are the results.

I found myself moved by Shoes on the Danube, a memorial for the victims who were shot into the Danube by Arrow Cross Militiamen in 1944-45.  I did question whether it was appropriate to take photographs, but wanted to see if I could tastefully capture the poignancy of the memorial.

shoes on danube


shoes 2

Next I come to the night-time photographs I took while we wandered the city after dinner and between various wine bars!

bridge with lady liberty
The Liberty or Freedom Statue seen on the Gellert Hill behind the Liberty Bridge
bridge 2
The Chain Bridge


Finally, a lesson in the fact I might need to invest in a tripod for focused night-time shots. That or I’d sampled one too many glasses of Hungarian speciality Pálinka.

I hope you enjoyed my holiday photographs, hopefully a step up from the holiday snaps I would have taken before. As always comments are very welcome.