Chelsea Flower Show

Despite working in a Garden in Chelsea for 2 1/2 years I’d never been to Chelsea Flower Show, so this year I decided to go with my parents. There was also the added incentive of the Head Gardener at the Garden I work in having a Show Garden at the show. It’s perhaps not the ideal place for photography, lots of crowds and never long to set up a shot as you have so much to see! However I took my camera with me to see what I could capture.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the show overall, I had heard comments that it is incredibly busy and too crowded and commercial to enjoy but in fact it was great. I didn’t feel that I was being sold to and found so much to see that the 3.30-8pm ticket time soon flew past.

The biggest challenge was that the sun was so bright a lot of my images are overexposed, not that I should complain as it was a beautiful evening! Here are a selection on the images that I am quite pleased with from the show.


Capturing the sunset on the planting in the Royal Bank of Canada Garden


The Imperial Garden: Revive



A tunnel of orchids was a particular highlight of the show for me, I took this as I was entering the tunnel. I could have spent a while in there taking photos but unfortunately this was a particularly crowded spot!


A bed of lavender
Sunset accentuating the copper in the Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden







The Husqvarna Garden


close up
Detail in the Harrods British Eccentrics Garden


I had such a great afternoon at the show, and want to say a huge congratulations to Nick for his stunning Show Garden, The Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden which was awarded Silver-Gilt.

Nick and me in his Show Garden





More experimentation

I’ve done some more experimenting with photographing flowers that are past their best, and these are the results! Unfortunately these flowers were so far gone that they fell apart as I tried to position them onto my sheets of watercolour, however I think they are actually quite beautiful in this state.




I used photoshop more than usual on the image above, I wanted it to look more like a painting than a photo so I played with the levels and contrast settings to create this effect.



I cropped the image above to focus on the head of the flower, it’s quite beautiful the way the petals are falling away, almost like silk.




The image above is a cropped version of the below , as I wanted to focus on the detail in the petals. In the un-cropped version I wanted to make it appear as if someone had randomly thrown the petals down and left them.


I don’t think I quite got the focus right in the image below, but the colours are so stunning that I wanted to include it anyway.


Any comments and thoughts are appreciated.