Chelsea Flower Show

Despite working in a Garden in Chelsea for 2 1/2 years I’d never been to Chelsea Flower Show, so this year I decided to go with my parents. There was also the added incentive of the Head Gardener at the Garden I work in having a Show Garden at the show. It’s perhaps not the ideal place for photography, lots of crowds and never long to set up a shot as you have so much to see! However I took my camera with me to see what I could capture.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the show overall, I had heard comments that it is incredibly busy and too crowded and commercial to enjoy but in fact it was great. I didn’t feel that I was being sold to and found so much to see that the 3.30-8pm ticket time soon flew past.

The biggest challenge was that the sun was so bright a lot of my images are overexposed, not that I should complain as it was a beautiful evening! Here are a selection on the images that I am quite pleased with from the show.


Capturing the sunset on the planting in the Royal Bank of Canada Garden


The Imperial Garden: Revive



A tunnel of orchids was a particular highlight of the show for me, I took this as I was entering the tunnel. I could have spent a while in there taking photos but unfortunately this was a particularly crowded spot!


A bed of lavender
Sunset accentuating the copper in the Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden







The Husqvarna Garden


close up
Detail in the Harrods British Eccentrics Garden


I had such a great afternoon at the show, and want to say a huge congratulations to Nick for his stunning Show Garden, The Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden which was awarded Silver-Gilt.

Nick and me in his Show Garden





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I'm new to the photography world, and would appreciate any constructive criticism on any of my work.

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