An autumnal afternoon in Richmond Park

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of Richmond Park is the deer, and they are certainly a big attraction. I say attraction tentatively, as I found it quite bizarre how a huge stag could be completely surrounded by people with cameras standing less than 4 metres away, despite the signs warning you to always stay 50 metres away from these powerful animals. Despite wanting to capture them on camera, I tried to maintain my distance, and am quite pleased with the shots below. A more powerful zoom would have been useful – that’s one limitation with the Fujifilm X30 which I am starting to discover.






As well as the majesty of the deer, there was also the stunning autumn colour of the park to capture.


I did more photoshop edits on the image above than usual as there was a big streak of sunlight across the tree trunk on the left-hand side. I think it’s come out slightly too dark now, but much less distracting than the light streaks! In the two images below I left the sun rays in as I think they created a nice effect, I’ll say my inspiration is from Planet Earth II – they seem to love shots taken into the sun!






I really recommend a visit to the park over the next few weeks, the perfect place for a Sunday stroll – and a beautiful spot to practise some landscape photography!




Author: lilymphotography

I'm new to the photography world, and would appreciate any constructive criticism on any of my work.

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