Finally, some Lisbon sunshine!

After a lot of drizzle, our final day in Lisbon was beautiful, and warm enough to take off the coats despite it being December. We took advantage of the weather and headed up to the castle to take in the views of the city.





Despite the sunshine, the threatening clouds didn’t disappear completely!








Just one more note before my Lisbon posts come to an end, don’t queue for the Santa Justa Lift. We queued for nearly an hour without getting particularly close to the lift and then realised that you can also get to the viewpoint by going up some steep streets! Although I did take the photos below while we were waiting so all was not lost.



Off on a few UK weekend trips away next and I also plan to do some more photography projects at home as it’s been a while, so watch this space.



Lisbon & the Tagus River

Before heading to Lisbon I have to admit that I thought that the city was on the coast, with the Atlantic lapping at its feet. But it actually sits on the northern bank of the River Tagus, not far from where the river meets the sea.

We enjoyed walking along the river which does feel more like the coast at this point as it is so wide. The 25 de Abril Bridge is a landmark of the river and with The Sanctuary of Christ the King on the other side of the river overlooking the city you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in a mix of San Franciso and Rio de Janeiro!

We got the train further downstream to Belém, which is just 100km upriver from the Atlantic. Belém is home to some beautiful architecture and also the famous Pastéis de Belém – and yes it is worth the queue. We had a lot of custard tarts on this holiday and that was definitely the best.

The weather wasn’t on our side once again, but I really like these shots of the 25 de Abril Bridge and the solitary figure in the foreground.




The images below are of the Padrão dos Descobrimentos which celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries.






The looming threat of rain did make for some atmospheric photos!

The Belém Tower is a beautiful sight and with its ornate decoration I had thought it might just be a decorative feature, but with his Wikipedia searches during the trip, my boyfriend filled me in on its history. The painting below brings alive its history, as a defence for Lisbon and a gateway to the city.Combat_du_Tage




Look out for the next post with photographs from when we finally got some sunshine and headed up to the castle for the views of the city on our last morning.


A weekend in Copenhagen

Last weekend my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Copenhagen. We had a fab weekend, enjoying cycling around the city on the Saturday in glorious sunshine and taking in the sights. A slightly colder and cloudier Sunday saw us take shelter in Rosenborg Castle and a cosy coffee shop before our flight home. We enjoyed wonderful food, especially at Gorilla in which we had a 10-course tasting menu and an intriguing bottle of wine. It’s a great city to explore and here are some of my photos from our city break.


We also visited the Copenhagen Botanic Garden so look out for another post to follow soon with my photos of the plants in their amazing glasshouses!