Kew Orchids Festival

Once again this year I headed to the Kew Orchids Festival, this is the third year in a row that I’ve gone and it’s becoming a bit of a tradition. I went to the late event which was great with a brilliant atmosphere and stunning displays however the lighting wasn’t very conducive to me taking photos (or actually admiring many of the stunning displays in person!). It’s probably best to go during the day if you actually want to study the intricacies of these stunning plants.

But here’s a selection of photos I took on the night.






I would have liked to have the opportunity to take some more macro shots of the orchids but the lighting was not on my side so unfortunately most of my shots aren’t usable! A lesson learnt – and a different aspect of my photography to work on.


Orchid Festival at Kew

On Saturday my Mum and I braved the windy weather and headed to Kew Gardens for their Orchid Festival. Last year we attended one of the Orchid Lates and had a wonderful evening sipping cocktails and viewing the displays. This year we decided to go during the day, both with our cameras at the ready. The Princess of Wales Conservatory is a new camera owners dream, with exquisite displays and lots of opportunities to practise my macro photography! Before heading to the glasshouses we visited the International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition, something for me to aspire to …


I took over 200 photos, so here are a selection of the ones I am most proud of. I did not do much post production on these photos apart from adjusting the lighting on a couple. As always I’m very open to constructive criticism.


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As part of their display they had suspended orchids from the ceiling showing off their roots, this provided me the opportunity to take the photo below.






We also had a look around the Palm House and the rest of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, where I took the photos below.



We had a lovely afternoon despite the weather, and I really enjoyed spending a few hours with my camera capturing these beautiful plants. Experimenting with the aperture was particularly interesting on this camera outing!