First frost of the winter!

This morning Londoners woke up to the first frost of the winter and a very chilly morning. I took advantage of the frost and sunshine to capture this leaf lying in a sunny spot on the ground before the ice melted. I really love the way the ice crystals decorate the leaf, so hopefully I’ve done them justice with these photos (I hope so as I had very chilly knees getting the shots!)



An autumnal afternoon in Richmond Park

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of Richmond Park is the deer, and they are certainly a big attraction. I say attraction tentatively, as I found it quite bizarre how a huge stag could be completely surrounded by people with cameras standing less than 4 metres away, despite the signs warning you to always stay 50 metres away from these powerful animals. Despite wanting to capture them on camera, I tried to maintain my distance, and am quite pleased with the shots below. A more powerful zoom would have been useful – that’s one limitation with the Fujifilm X30 which I am starting to discover.






As well as the majesty of the deer, there was also the stunning autumn colour of the park to capture.


I did more photoshop edits on the image above than usual as there was a big streak of sunlight across the tree trunk on the left-hand side. I think it’s come out slightly too dark now, but much less distracting than the light streaks! In the two images below I left the sun rays in as I think they created a nice effect, I’ll say my inspiration is from Planet Earth II – they seem to love shots taken into the sun!






I really recommend a visit to the park over the next few weeks, the perfect place for a Sunday stroll – and a beautiful spot to practise some landscape photography!